Guide: Unique Vertical Garden Ideas

As more people choose to live their lives in cities, innovative ways to garden have developed. Some of the unique ways to join this trend are included below among the following verticle garden ideas.

A Selection of Vertical Garden Ideas

Spice Up Your Life

If you live in the city, but you want to have a spice garden, using a vertical garden can be a great idea. They allow you to create a natural atmosphere anywhere they are placed.

Plus, the delicate aroma of spices will drift all around, as the wind breezes through these towers of taste.

It is refreshing to the human spirit for it to feel like it is surrounded by mother Earth.

The enchanting flavors your spices create will release decadent odors that will draw your neighbors to your kitchen window, longing to find out what’s cooking.

Never before have your meals been so tasty.

Stairway to Heaven

If you have slightly more square footage available, you may be able to shape your garden into a staircase.

We know this can be hard to picture, mostly because there are so many great ways it can be implemented!

You could create a spiraling staircase of herbs and spices, or tighten your shelves and create a more steeply sloped apparatus.

Lean on Me

For any of my vertical garden ideas, you will have a variety of options for infrastructure.

These gardens have to connect to something, and there are a lot of creative ways to spin your support.

Some people have chosen to tie a bunch of sticks together and create a teepee.

When they are finished constructing it, they can sit inside and feel engulfed by mother nature. If you ever built a blanket fort in your living room growing up, then you have some idea of the satisfaction created by an enclosure.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Since every good vertical garden needs a proper support system, you should make choosing one your first priority.

One really cool idea would be to use a wooden white window paneled French door, sans windows.

Picture it, one of those white doors with eight, or maybe ten panes of glass. It’s sitting in the back corner of an antique shop casually, awaiting its final purpose. You stroll over to it and run your fingers lightly over the peeling, aging paint.

You glance at the price tag and immediately realize, you’re going to find some sort of project to do with this door. What a steal!

But then it sits in your garage for the next few months.

Well if that’s you, then it’s time to break that bad boy out! You’re about to make a stunning verticle garden with it.

By using the panes for your plant’s support, you can achieve a romantic and antique look perfect to naturalize a rooftop deck.

Implementing Your Vertical Garden Ideas

If you like the ideas listed and want to try making your own verticle garden, visit Indoor Farming for more information.

Happy planting!

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