How Organic Agriculture Helps the Environment

Go Green!

This seems to be one of the biggest catchphrases of the 21st century. With a huge push to focus on choosing organic food and supporting local farming and agriculture, ‘going green’ not only ensures that we stay healthy but that we can help the environment, too!

Studies show that over 90% of the chemicals found in our food have not been tested for long-term health effects to ensure their safety when we consume them.

A potential translation for that staggering statistic – only 10% of our food can be considered safe.

That’s scary!

It’s no wonder why hoards of the world’s population are leaning towards the importance of organic agriculture. Not only are we in dire need of eating healthy to sustain life, but we need to farm correctly to try and salvage the environment.

Check out some of the biggest reasons why organic agriculture can help us ‘go green’ and benefit our environment.

Top Reasons the Earth Loves Organic Agriculture

No Bug Drugs

One of the biggest issues that have been plaguing both the planet as well as humankind is the overuse of pesticides.

There was a time when farmers would spray homemade bug elixirs on their crops to ward off those pesky pests. However, nowadays – agricultural land is being sprayed by planes, helicopters, and massive trucks.

Not only are these bug drugs hurting our food, but thanks to ‘pesticide drifts‘ the chemicals are draining into our water supplies and affecting people that live near the sprayed farmlands.

Organic agriculture eliminates this situation.

Opting for more natural and sustainable methods, organic farmlands choose to use non-chemical solutions to keeping pests at bay.

No Drama With Antibiotic Resistance

It seems that every news station chronicles the growing epidemic of antibiotic resistance and its dangers to society.

Of course, very rarely do you see the rest of the story that details how the massive and widespread use of antibiotics on livestock is the leading culprit of this situation.

Thanks to organic agriculture, this is never a concern. Raising livestock in a natural setting with room to roam has allowed grass-fed cows and other farmyard friends to avoid the need for toxic chemicals and drugs.

Even better – these animals can help keep land fertilized with clean waste products, as well as naturally living off the land and helping sustain the landscape.

Saving Water

One of the most exciting advances in organic agriculture is the use of hydroponic farms.

Being able to grow food in a plant-based, nutrient rich environment – produce can be grown naturally and with the planet in mind. This type of organic agriculture allows for the recirculation and reuse of water, which keeps us green and eliminates wasteful farming practices.

Even better – hydroponic farming is an amazing way to start a sustainable business that is financially lucrative and environmentally sound.

Keep It Green And Keep It Clean

The use of organic agriculture will be one of the most important keys to salvaging our planet and our health.

By simply eliminating the bug drugs, the antibiotic overuse drama, and finding ways to save water, this type of natural farming has the ability to keep the earth green and healthy.

The best part about organic agriculture is that it provides all of us an opportunity to help benefit the environment because we can grow our own food from the comfort of our own homes.

Think it’s hard to flex your green thumb? Think again!

Maybe indoor or vertical farming could be just the thing you need to keep you, your family, and your environment healthy.

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