Indoor Gardening: 5 Fastest Growing Vegetables

Over a billion pounds of pesticides are used every year on US farms.

With the uncertainty of how these pesticides affect our health and our children’s development, more people are seeking out ways to consume pesticide-free, organic produce.

But for those of us who want to know exactly where our food is coming from and what goes into it, indoor gardening and vertical farming are becoming more appealing alternatives than buying organic produce in stores.

Even those living in the middle of a city can reap the economic and health benefits of their own personal vegetable supply.

Ready to get started growing some of the fastest growing vegetables in the comfort of your own apartment or home?

Let’s take a look below to learn more.

What Are The Fastest Growing Vegetables?

To pack your freezer and cupboards with healthy, fresh vegetables, it starts by choosing those that grow quickest. Start out with some of the following five, which you can easily grow at home.

1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms make an ideal indoor crop any time of the year but they prefer cool dark spaces so it can be easier to find a suitable place for them in winter.

If you’re new to indoor gardening then you might prefer to buy a prepared mushroom-growing kit. These come ready with mushroom spawn in prepared bags of special compost.

Simply water the spawn and leave the bag in a dark, draft-free space such as a cupboard kept at 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll have a crop of mushrooms within a few weeks.

2. Peas

Early varieties of peas such as ‘Alaska’ or ‘Daybreak’ are often ready in around six weeks.

Although peas respond well to cooler weather, they do need a lot of light. Make sure to place them near a window which receives eight hours of full sun each day or keep grow lights on for at least eight hours a day.

You can pinch the pea shoots off anytime for salads and pick the pods regularly.

3. Radishes

Radishes are famous for being one of the fastest growing vegetables.

With tubers ready to eat in 25 days, you can be sure of a constant supply all year round.

Cover your radish seeds with paper until they begin to sprout, and then move them to a sunny spot when the cotyledons start to appear.

When two or three true leaves start to come through you can thin out the seedlings and use them in salads as microgreens.

4. Tomatoes

Although full-sized tomatoes can take longer than two months to grow, several types of cherry and grape tomatoes are among the fastest growing vegetables to plant indoors.

Tiny Tim, Pixie Hybrid, and Red Robin varieties respond particularly well to container growing, as they produce smaller plants and have tomatoes ready to pick in around 45 days.

5. Green Onions

Most onions take several months to fully mature, but green onions are ready to be picked after less than four weeks, making them a clear exception.

Not only are green onions one of the fastest growing vegetables, they also take up minimal space indoors.

Be sure to pot them in a mix of soil and quality compost as they thrive in rich soils.

Enjoy The Fastest Growing Vegetables to Plant Indoors

Indoor gardening is becoming more common as we look for ways to consume healthier, safer produce in a more convenient and economical way.

With a variety of vegetables ready for eating less than two months after planting, you can look forward to a regular crop of ready-to-eat organic vegetables.

Which vegetables are you planning on growing at home?

Let us know by commenting below or contact us if you have any questions about growing vegetables indoors.

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