Indoor Growing Supplies That Every Indoor Farmer Needs

The success of your indoor gardening relies on an understanding of what’s growing. It also benefits from robust indoor growing supplies.

You may be thinking “what’s the point if I could simply grow plants outside?”.

A proper setup provides an ecosystem to grow foods without the need for pesticides or GMOs. Indoor gardening is a trendy, organic activity. One that is rewarding and beneficial to your well-being.

Though, you’re not always walking on sunshine…

The Challenges of Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening isn’t planting a few greens and hoping for the best. It requires extra care and patience. This is due to the alien nature of growing plants inside an unnatural environment.

These are the challenges you’ll face:

  • Consistent, adequate lighting
  • Managing the humidity
  • Plant choice and planting strategy
  • Feeding & watering routines

It’s not as hard as it sounds especially if you have the right tools!

The Best Indoor Growing Supplies

Growing fruits and vegetables indoors gains the benefit of shelter from Mother Nature. Yet, you will need to consider the limited space and lack of natural resources these plants are provided when outdoors.

Here are those tools to make the growing process easier (and enjoyable).


Proper lighting will pose your greatest challenge especially if you’re in the city. It’s likely you rarely receive adequate sunlight due to your proximity to buildings. Not to mention the winter months which have shorter days and less sunlight.

Intense, full-spectrum fluorescent lights placed 3-4 inches above the plant is ideal. These lights should provide 14-18 hours of light for most plants.

We recommend an automatic timer to create consistency.


Next, here are some methods of how you will store the plants:

  • Planters
  • Pots
  • Custom PVC
  • Grow bags

Your selection will determine whether you use soil or install hydroponics. Any of these options are fine.

Soil is a good start for someone new as it’s something you’re likely already familiar with. Hydroponics usually win, though, because of its low maintenance and space requirements.


Most indoor gardeners actively water their plants because it’s a relaxing activity. This is accomplished simply with tap water.

Alternatively, one could use a pump system which connects to a reservoir saturated with liquid fertilizer. A timed system provides water based on your preferences and planting strategy.

All-In-One Systems

A popular alternative to the DIY approach to indoor gardening is to buy an all-in-one unit. Those sold by IKEA or Niwa are two popular choices.

These systems include everything needed to begin indoor gardening out of the box. Simply provide the seeds or starters and watch your plants grow.

The downsides of all-in-one systems are the high costs and complex designs. The units are designed in a way which may prevent self-maintenance.

Getting Vert

A small herb garden is a common entry into indoor gardening. Over time (and with more experience), you’ll feel compelled to grow bigger. Unfortunately, there may only be so much space in your place.

This is a perfect opportunity to switch from horizontal to vertical gardening.

Vertical gardening is as it sounds: containers are staged (vertically) and water trickles down to the plants below.

These indoor growing supplies provide the same benefits. You could purchase a tiered stand for an easy way to set up. Or you can use your existing supplies, interlinked with piping, with a few design tweaks using raised areas.

You’ll gain extra space to expand your garden by evolving your setup into a vertical design.

A Green Thumbs Up

We’re sure you’ll find indoor gardening a fun challenge and rewarding experience.

The fruits and veggies you grow using indoor gardening methods will turn out delicious and free of harmful toxins. It’s a smart way to use your green thumb when you’re limited on space.

Be sure to check out other tips and strategies here on our blog!

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