The Benefits of Vertical Farming at Home

Vertical farming is a hot topic among investors.

In fact, investment dollars more than doubled to 4.6 billion dollars for food and agriculture technologies over the course of one year… and they’re continuing to grow.

But it isn’t just for small business start-ups. Have you thought about vertical farming at home?

Let’s face it, eating organic isn’t cheap or easy. But as we grow together culturally towards the farm-to-table movement, new technology is cropping up (pun intended) making it more accessible than ever.

Let’s talk about why you should consider taking the movement inside your own home. Here are some of the most convincing benefits of personally investing in your family’s food future.

1. Pesticide-Free, Organic Crops

The health conscious individual knows how difficult it can be to eat organic year round. It’s an ongoing effort that requires time, energy, and money.

Vertical farming at home can change all of that.

Growing your own crops means you know exactly what’s going into your body. You have complete control over how they grow — so you can be organic, pesticide free, and insecticide free.

The ability to grow your food indoors eliminates the woes of weather and bugs. The controlled environment gives a peace of mind an outdoor garden can’t compete with.

2. Eat the Greens You Want

Have you ever found a new exciting recipe, planned to make it for dinner, only to be disappointed at the grocery store when they don’t have the ingredients you need in the organic produce section?

It happens to the best of us. Limitations on local organic food can be a real bummer. But when you grow your own crops in the comfort of your own home… you can grow whatever you want, whenever you want!

This means you constantly have a supply of your favorite greens and herbs. Let the culinary games begin.

3. Vertical Farming At Home Improves Air Quality

There’s nothing like having plants in the home to freshen up a room.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they constantly are taking the carbon dioxide from the air and turning it into fresh oxygen.

The renewed O2 supply can leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

4. Save Money (in the Long Run)

There’s, of course, an initial startup cost to vertical farming at home. You’ll have to buy the equipment, supplies, and plants. Not to mention spend your time to set it up.

In the long run, however, you’ll save huge on your costly organic grocery bill! There’s even opportunity to capitalize and start selling your crops to family and friends. Many tiny vertical farms have rapidly expanded into full blown operations due to the ever increasing demand for organic produce and local crops.

The Future Is Vertical Farming

If we could have a forecast of the future, vertical farming at home would be a household norm.

As we move towards sustainability and a re-focus on local farm-to-table, this farming method will continue to gain momentum and popularity. Now is the time to invest in your family’s food future.

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