Top 5 Organic Food Trends of 2017

Organic food sales make up around 4% of all U.S. food sales, with organic foods appearing in 3 out of 4 conventional grocery stores in the United States.

There’s no reason to think that the popularity of organic food trends won’t continue to grow.

Just as the popularity of organic foods grows, general preferences and mindsets surrounding said food also continue to grow.

What Are The Top Five Organic Food Trends Of 2017?

People are taking to organic foods for good reason. Let’s start to get a handle on the following five reasons:

1. Brain-focused Foods

Whereas there has recently been a focus on gut health, 2017 figures to be the year in which we start focusing on breath health in the organic food industry.

Foods and substances which are designed to benefit the brain are called nootropic foods.

Nootropic foods offer a number of benefits, including increased memory, improved mood, and decreased anxiety.

These foods include everything from eggs, to green tea, to blueberries, and much, much more.

2. Small Snacks

Another trend that is bound to take hold in 2017 is smaller portion sizes; not only at restaurants but at grocery stores as well.

Consumers have increasingly begun to opt for smaller and smaller portion sizes, and have even begun to ask companies if they can distribute smaller sizes.

This is so for a number of purposes, the most obvious of which is cost. But not only are consumers seeking to spend less money, they’re seeking to eat smaller meals or snacks in general.

But not only are consumers seeking to spend less money, they’re seeking to eat smaller meals or snacks in general.

Businesses will be keen to accommodate their customers, as they will be able to ship larger quantities of products, saving money in the process.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is another substance that’s picking up steam in the organic food community.

A spice derived from the turmeric plant, it’s often used in foods like mustard and cheese, as well as in various powders. In fact, turmeric is sold by itself as a powder that can be used to supplement foods.

This spice is beneficial for its anti-inflammatory characteristics.

It can be used to treat high cholesterol, arthritis, and itchy or dry skin, to name just a few conditions.

4. Vegetable-based Foods

As veganism continues to grow in popularity, so too do vegetable-based foods.

Vegetables are being incorporated into almost everything, from fast food to snacks, to beverages, and more.

Kale chips, eggplant jerky, roasted chickpeas, and avocado fries are just a few of the snacks that comprise this vegetable-based attitude.

5. Hydroponic Farming

As organic foods become more and more popular, people are looking to grow their own food. The problem is that most people don’t have the yard space to accomplish such a task.

The solution? Hydroponic farming.

Hydroponic farming has made it possible for city dwellers to grow their own crops right from the comfort of their homes or apartments.

While it can be a little more expensive than typical farming, it’s less damaging to the environment, and typically faster as well.

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