Why Living Wall Make Great Set Pieces

Sometimes you want to experience the fun of the outdoors without leaving your home. There are meals to prepare, dishes to be done, and laundry to be folded.

But did you know that you can actually bring the great outdoors into your home, kitchen, or office?

A living wall is a great way to liven up any environment with a bit of greenery. Best of all, they make fantastic set pieces and fit into just about any type of workspace.

Read on to learn more about these fantastic walls and why they make such great set pieces.

They’re Customizable

A green wall is every bit as customizable as a normal wall — in fact, it’s likely more customizable. Whether you love kudzu, ivy, or flowers, there’s a type of wall out there for you.

You can even grow vegetables on your wall! It’s both efficient and creative.
Really, the only limit here is your imagination. Whether you want something draped

over your walkway, or a small, framed garden, your wall is a representation of your personality. Make it yours.

Best of all, there are tons of great designs. You can choose from tons of different textures, shapes, and sizes.

You’ll Breathe Cleaner Air

If you suffer from allergies or frequent colds, a living wall can actually benefit your health. That’s because plants actually clean and produce fresher, more breathable air.

Greenery absorbs natural CO2 in the air and converts it into oxygen. So not only are you getting a great, gorgeous set piece — you’re promoting a healthier lifestyle.

They’re Green — in More Ways Than One

These walls aren’t just great for your health and home — it’s great for your wallet, too.

Plants and greenery of all types actually absorb the heat in their immediate area. That means that your home will be cooler and you won’t have to worry about blasting the air conditioning.

A Living Wall Doesn’t Need Much Space

Whether you’re renting a studio apartment or furnishing an entire home, there’s a green wall for your needs. Since they’re entirely customizable, you can choose how large or small to make your wall.

Just think about how convenient it would be to have your very own herb garden right in your kitchen. With a living wall, that’s an entirely manageable dream!

They Don’t Require Much Maintenance

A lot of people seem to believe that a green wall will require a lot of time or upkeep. This is simply untrue.

However, it is true that your plants will still need the same nutrition they would if they were outside. That means that you’ll still have to water your plants occasionally.

But if that’s a concern, you can always invest in a self-watering system to feed your plants for you. In fact, there’s a ton of artificial intelligence solutions to choose from.

Aside from food, the only upkeep needed is the occasional trimming of any unruly greenery.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, there are tons of reasons to invest in a living wall. Whether you love the idea of an ornamental wall or want cleaner air, a green wall is a great addition to any environment.

So what do you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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