5 Reasons to Start an Indoor Vertical Garden

As organic foods become more and more sought after, more and more people are attempting to grow their own produce.

However, because most people have limited amounts of yard space, they can’t grow as much as they might like.

But there is a solution to this problem, and that solution is indoor vertical gardening.

Wondering how such a garden can benefit you? Read on.

Why Should I Start An Indoor Vertical Garden?

When you want to be healthy, happy and organized, indoor gardening makes too much sense. Here are five reasons to start an indoor vertical garden.

1. Save Space

As was noted above, vertical gardens allow you to save tons of yard space. Whereas the confines of your yard are limited, the distance to the sky is essentially endless.

This is an especially relevant benefit in cities where many people have small yards or no yards at all. For those people, growing a standard, horizontal garden would be impossible.

But by growing their crops up inside of their apartments or homes, they are capable of growing everything from peas to cucumbers, to sweet potatoes, and more.

2. Produce Healthier Produce

When you grow your plants outside on the ground, you are leaving them susceptible to a number of different disturbers.

Pests such as rodents, termites, and groundhogs will often eat away at growing plants, killing them, or rendering them unsanitary. Not to mention, when plants are grown on the ground, they tend to grow on top of each other, stifling the movement of oxygen.

Growing your plants in a vertical fashion indoors helps you to avoid both of these problems.

This results in healthier crops as well as a higher crop yield.

3. Unique Aesthetic

Another benefit of growing a vertical garden indoors is that it gives your house or apartment a unique aesthetic compared to other houses and apartments.

Instead of buying a fake ficus, bring a little vegetation to your home’s decor by growing some authentic plants.

There are plants of all different colors and types, each of which will bring a different visual element to your home.

4. Offer Tons of Variety

One of the best things about growing a vertical garden indoors is that you are able to plant a wide variety of crops.

With horizontal, outdoor gardens, you are limited to about five crops at the most. With vertical gardens, you can realistically plant dozens of different crops at once.

Whether you want to grow flowers, or foliage, or crops, or otherwise, you can do so with indoor gardening.

5. Easier to Tend

When you’re tending a horizontal garden outside, you’re forced to step outside into the elements and to bend down in order to reach them. With a vertical indoor garden, neither of these things is necessary.

Because vertical gardens are built up toward your arms, you can tend them while standing completely upright.

And because they’re inside, you can roll right out of bed and get the job done.

Perfect Your Own Indoor Vertical Garden

Are you looking to create and perfect your very own indoor vertical garden?

On our blog, we provide tons of information about indoor vertical gardening, indoor farming, organic foods, and more.

Have any questions for us? Contact us today!

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